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La Trottola



"And since the centre remains at rest, the whole is in a sense always resting and in constant movement."


“...Continuous movement... Spin....Vortex…Spiral... Vertigo... Holding... Hanging... Flying...”


The company from Italy and Chile introduces his aerial acrobatics show, “La Trottola”.

Two characters play by challenging gravity and making flight their favourite past-time.


They spin through the air like out-of-control spinning tops, they let the momentum of movement take them and, by surprise, they choose the unexpected; they face the difficulties of following the path towards their wishes, they explore and taste the great mistery of lifting their feet off the floor.

A contemporary circus show that inquires the poetics within the wonders of aerial movement.


Title: La Trottola

Genre: aerial acrobatics, dance

Acrobatic techniques: rope, dance, straps or hairhanging

Original Idea: Jose Cereceda and Clara Larcher

Audience: for all

Directors and artists: Jose Cereceda y Clara Larcher

Duration: 30 min



La Trottola Compañía Depáso (ciadepaso)
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